Toptracer Range

A golf simulator unlike any other!

That’s right, a state-of-the-art Toptracer driving range has come to mid-Minnesota. Albany’s Toptracer driving range has twelve stations in a three-sided infrared heated structure. Four target greens, real golf balls, and multiple virtual courses on Toptracer screens wait for you at the beautiful 18-hole Albany Golf Club located in the heart of Albany, Minnesota.

At Toptracer, every golfer—from the pros to the Joes—has access to valuable shot insights like how far, how fast, and for some of us, where did that shot even go? Through the gamification of the driving range experience, Toptracer brings people together in meaningful ways no matter their skill level.

Start honing your skills earlier (and later) than our Minnesota winter usually allows by hitting real golf balls on some of the best “virtual” courses in the world and measuring your stats. Or, get some friendly competition going and play games with your group.

The clubhouse facility, including our popular bar and newly-remodeled kitchen, is only a few short steps from the range. Enjoy outdoor dining on the clubhouse patio overlooking the picturesque 9th hole or on the Toptracer driving range where each station has its own patio table and chairs. It’s an experience for the entire family, newbies and pros alike.

Whether you’re looking to improve your skills before your tee time, get together with friends, or just hit some balls, Toptracer is the perfect place to spend an hour (or two) outside in the heart of Minnesota.