Men’s League

2023 Men’s League

Sign-up sheets will be available in the clubhouse starting immediately! Hoping to have everyone signed up for leagues by May 2nd (spring scramble) for men’s league.

Gentlemen, the 2023 golf season is just around the corner and I want to get you some of our key dates as well as some of the changes to Men’s League this year.
I know that there are quite a few groups that like to make Tuesday’s an all-day extravaganza, which we encourage and love! I need to mention that there has been a lot of increased interest in people joining Men’s League this year. In order to try and grow our league, anyone that is making a tee time for their league round will get the right of way before groups looking to go out again for their 2nd or 3rd round of the day. This does not mean that those of you wanting to play more holes will not be able to go out again, this simply means that if you want to go out for another round at 5:00 and there is a new group of men joining league and they want to make their tee time for 5:00, the group playing their league round will get the box first.
Standing Tee-Time sheet is at the clubhouse now. If you were in league last year, your time will be granted to you again this year.

The The 2023 fees will be as follows (must be paid with cash or check):

  • $40 for MGA handicap (mandatory, goes straight to the MGA, that’s their charge to us)
  • $75 for men’s league (16 weeks comes out to $3.12/week)
  • $25 for the blind bogey skins game (optional)
  • Longest putt and closest to the pin $1 per game each week (not included in league dues)
  • $5 “back nine” (opposite 9 of league) skins game (not included in league dues)

Please Email [email protected]  to inquire about Men’s League

Individual Stroke play, 9 Holes
-Make your own tee time. Bring your own group (Foursomes preferred, if you only have 2-3 guys we can hopefully put you in touch with another pair looking to complete a group)
– Must have at least 2 league members in a group for it to count.
– net scores used for calculating team weekly scores.

Teams created based off of USGA handicap. Each team will be broken into 3 or 4 tiers (top ¼ of team will be “A’s”, next ¼ will be “B’s” and so on). Each team will take 1 net score each week from each tier. Teams will not take 2 scores from the same tier even if they are one of the lowest scores.

If a team does not have someone play from a particular tier, they will be awarded a “dummy score”. The dummy score will be figured by taking the highest score that was used from all of the other teams in that tier and 3 strokes will be added.
Individuals will be responsible for writing their own scores on the sheet, what tees were played, and scores in the computer each and every week.

Scores must be written down every week otherwise they will NOT be counted and the individual will not get credit for playing that week.

This year we will be having 2 halves instead of 4 quarters. The top 4 teams from each half will make the playoffs. 8 teams total will make the playoffs. 2 week playoff this year. Top 4 teams will make the cut after week one of the playoffs. The 4 teams that get eliminated after week 1 of the playoffs will not get any team prize money, only the 4 teams making the final week.

The playoffs will be used for year-end payouts; however, the overall team champ will be figured by accumulating the entire season point total (these individuals will go on the league champ plaque).

Rain-outs will not be made up, that half will just have less weeks in it.

There will be 12 balls awarded each week. 1 ball to each of the 6 lowest gross scores, and 1 ball to each of the 6 lowest net scores. The gross scores will be figured 1st and if you win a gross ball you will not be eligible to win a net ball. Closest to pin and longest putt will be back, $1/game per week.

We will be selling decks of cards this year ($10/card) for a chance at a Scotty Cameron putter. It will run throughout the season. Will start a new deck of cards once the previous is complete.

  • Any individual missing 0-1 league dates will go into a drawing to win a new Driver ($600 value)
  • Any individuals missing 2-3 league dates (or less) will go into a drawing to win a new putter ($250 value)
  • Any individuals missing 2-3 league dates (or less) will go into a drawing to win a new wedge ($175 value)
  • Any individuals missing 3-4 league dates (or less) will go into a drawing to win a dozen golf balls of their choice (up to $60 value)
  • You will go into ALL of the drawings if you missed only 0-1 weeks, if you miss 2-3 you will be in the drawings for the putter, the wedge and the golf balls.
  • Other drawings and prizes may be done in addition to those mentioned above. It all depends on the turnout that we can get for our Men’s League this year.


  • May 2nd – Spring Scramble (5:15 pm shotgun, meal and meeting to follow)
  • May 9th through June 20th – 1st half
  • June 27th through August 15th – 2nd half (NO LEAGUE JULY 4TH)
  • August 22nd – Playoffs week 1
  • August 29th – Playoffs week 2
  • September 5th – Men’s League fall scramble “Cook’s Open” (Meal and drawings to follow in clubhouse)